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Color Analysis

I help  women build simple beauty routines using the tools of color analysis, style, skincare and makeup . You will experience more confidence in your natural beauty, outer appearance and personal style without spending a lot of time or money.

From brides to retirees, young moms to empty nesters, you are in the right place. 

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Wearing your best colors
is the secret to editing down your closet

 with ease, saving time shopping, and looking amazing (even on ordinary days!)

Not all blues (or reds, or greens, or yellows) are created equally. We all have our best blues or our best reds. You might know that you look great in blue because it matches your eyes or that you “can’t” wear some shades of pink because you have red hair. But have you noticed that there are certain blues that actually wash you out? Or a shade of red lipstick that seems to lift your whole face?

That’s the incredible power of color.

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